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We are all a little backwards.

Nice to Meet You!

My name is Jennifer - and along with my mother, Kathryn - our goal is to create an online community that showcases our experiences in education.  I graduated from NCSU with a Bachelors Degree in Spanish Language and Literature.  After graduation, I obtained my NC teaching licensure in ESL K-12 Education and taught for 5 years.  I left the classroom to focus on starting a family but am looking forward to returning in the future.  Kathryn got into education through volunteer and tutoring opportunities at her youngest son's elementary school.  This lead her to start a STEM education blog - providing teachers and parents with guidance on incorporating STEM based activities into their curriculums.

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We aim to provide monthly blog posts providing lesson content in reading, writing, and science which targets students who tend to get left behind in traditional settings.  We will take the time to do the research so you - the educator - can adapt what we have learned to fit your classroom.  We will also investigate popular trends in pedagogy to help you determine what best practices will look like in your learning environment.


At The Backwards Peacock, we strive to create an online community for educators from all backgrounds - traditional schools, homeschool, charter and Montessori, tutors, parents, and caregivers - that provides inspiration in teaching pedagogy and lesson development in order to engage ALL learners.

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